Tale of two A.R.C.s

07 Aug

All change at the top of Jockey Club Racecourses with Ian Renton, managing director of Arena Leisure PLC, being appointed new boss of Cheltenham, Exeter, Warwick and Wincanton, but does this signal the begins of change at Arena Leisure & Northern Racing.

Looks like the new group name for Arena and Northern Racing will be Arena Racing Company with a website already active and two companies recently formed Arena Racing Club Ltd and Arena Racing Corporation Ltd which in turn means JCR claim to being biggest group based on numbers of courses and fixtures will have to be removed from future press releases.

The second A.R.C. relates to Asian Racing Conference, and it’s impact on British Racing.  Conference was between 16th July 2012 and 20th July 2012, and whereas Paul Dixon and lack of Racing For Change presentation stole the headlines, Jamie Stier’s presentation was on stewards and interference rules:

Jamie Stier
Director of Raceday Operation and Regulations BHA
Updated reports from the International Stewards Conference
Change of interference rules—recent examples including moves in JRA
Difference in interference rules—point of views of trainer and punter
Whip Use Change in Australian and UK
Reciprocal of penalties and its interpretation

Since this presentation two races have seen placings reversed, Shahdaroba/Herbalist (Leicester 01/08/12 7:45) and Sigurwana/Junior Diary (Wolverhampton 07/08/12 16:20) where previously I doubt they would have been. Both were Maiden races and both jockeys did everything they could to correct mounts from the saddle. Some Maiden races do carry the RP Bonus which is worth £10k to winning connections, no doubt leaving them feeling the pinch. In turn I feel the timing of these reversing of places and Jamie Stier’s presentation on interference more than just a co-incidence and very much a case of ensuring that UK Stewards practice what the Director preaches.

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