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17 days and counting – A response…of sorts

On the 14th February 2013, an open letter was emailed to the BHA FAO Adam Brickell, BHA Director of Integrity, Legal and Risk. Still we wait for a response from Adam Brickell, but I did get a reply from Robin Mounsey, Communications and Online Manager, when chasing them up for a response:

Hello Dan,I am unaware as to whether Adam intends to respond or not.

However, I would point out that your letter is over 1,200 words long and divided into ten incredibly detailed questions about a case of nearly four years ago and related to findings published two years ago. It also includes several sarcastic comments along the lines of “Ouch – That’s got to hurt?” If I was a member of public writing to a senior Director of an organisation I would probably not expect a response to such a letter.

That is just my view though.


So let me ask just the following:

Due to the actions of a BHA Committee Member, were the BHA complicit in the administeration of illegal race day substances during the period of 2003-2009? In turn evidence at a Disciplinary Hearing was suppressed to ensure the scale of systematic doping within the sport was never known until RCVS findings were published two years later in the hope that questions such as the ones in my original letter were never asked?

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