The MAZ Files Blockbuster: Coming Soon

25 Apr

When reading the statement from Paul Bittar, and accompanying quotes following today’s hearing, it read like the script for a trailer of a Hollywood blockbuster:

The BHA will conduct the testing of the horses with the analytical work being carried out by HFL Sport Science. Godolphin have stated they will cooperate fully with this process. In addition, we will also provide advice to Godolphin of necessary changes to its procedures and controls where appropriate, and this will be supported by Godolphin’s own review.

Wow, a MAZ Files sequel directed by Godolphin seemingly out soon too judged by that quote. Bonus! Wonder if it’s as good as the Disciplinary Panel’s movie where it picks out all the bloopers.

Another titbit on offer too, possibly a star studded supporting cast?

Two more Godolphin employees have also been named by Zarooni as parties to the doping, according to Crisford.

We will be taken to exotic locations:

The steroids, meanwhile, and in considerable quantity, had been imported from Dubai, which is of itself illegal.

We will also be privy to out-takes and watch people distance themselves from the action…wide shot needed for this one:

“I didn’t tell him not to do it,” Crisford said, “because I didn’t think for one minute that he would be doing it.

Tears will be shed:

Crisford added that the unnamed vet’s assistant who injected the steroids into Zarooni’s horses was also one of the victims in the case

Villain, Mahmood Al Zarooni described as:

a reckless person who has shown no respect for racing

I can’t wait for this blockbuster:

The full details of this will be formally addressed in the Disciplinary Panel’s findings, to be published in due course and once they are available.

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